As a blogger you spend a lot of your time not only creating content but reading content, looking through the internet for blogs that inspire you and that you find interesting. I get a lot of ideas for posts from other blogs so I thought today I’d share with you some of my daily reads that I love to check in on.

he Elle Next Door 

Ellie Adams is an ex tv producer that’s now a full time blogger, her photos are gorgeous with amazing London backdrops and fab clothes there’s nothing not to love. Although for me personally it’s her witty writing style that got me hooked. Very funny and real , she doesn’t try and be a super prim and proper and that’s what I love. Reading  her blog is like having a natter with an old friend which I personally think is what all blogs should be. I stumbled across Ellie’s blog a couple weeks ago and fell in love, spent about 2 hours reading through all her posts, a great mix of beauty, fashion, life and lots of humour in between. A great read. (ps her Instagram is beyond gorgeous)


Career Girl Daily 

Career Girl daily is a site run by a group of girls, so you get loads of gorgeous content. The photography is great and really gives me good ideas for mixing mine up a bit, but for me its all about the content. The posts are written with young working women in mind, they cover all the important topics that career girls want to know. I’d like to think of myself as ambitious and hard working and these posts feed right to my soul, get me re-inspired and ready to work. Plus the comments section is full of other bloggers that are all simular which is great. I’ve been a long term reader and will continue to be, great content that’s informative but not boring. Perfect.


The Sunday Girl 

It’s not secret that beauty blogs are everywhere now and sometimes the content can become quite generic, except of course for “The Sunday Girl” bright colourful images with popular topics with a twist. Covering all the latest new brands and releases as well as offering amazing tips for everyday beauty. Beauty collections such as “sightseeing essentials” are super useful but not what you’d expect to read. I love her mixed range of products, not always having high end makeup but mixing it up with a bit of everything. I’m a fan and she’ll continue to be one of my daily go to reads.

What about you? Have any blogs you’d recommend?

Xoxo LE 


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