Now that I’m blogging more regularly I’ve gotten into a routine when I write my posts. I have a “toolkit” of things I use to help me and I thought I’d share for any beginner bloggers looking to get a toolkit together. 

My biggest tool is obviously my laptop, I have the HP Pavilion Notebook. It’s got a 15 inch screen which makes editing photos a dream, it also comes with a terabyte of memory, this is my favourite thing about the laptop, its super fast and can take all my big photo files with ease. I adore my laptop, it is a little big and little heavy so not the most portable but it’s perfect for blogging in my opinion. 

Another great bit of kit that I use everyday is my phone, its the Samsung Galaxy S4. I recently changed from Iphone to android because my Iphone died (RIP) and I fancied a change. I have to say I love this, it’s not as straight forward to use but there’s so many more options for customizing the way I use it and that is a bonus for me. The camera is what makes it so great for blogging, it has a 13 mp camera which is amazing and much better than my previous phone, and a good phone camera by anybodies standards. It takes really nice photos, it doesn’t pick up lighting very well but that’s easily fixed with editing. 

I think it comes with the title blogger that you have to love cute stationary. The notebook I’m using at the moment says “Remember what you wonder” which is very appropriate because I use this to remember all my little thoughts and ideas. I love writing lists and coming up with ideas. A good notebook is essential in planning, I know a lot of bloggers who enjoy using apps and word documents to plan posts, however I personally love pen and paper. 

I’ve spoken on twitter before about using a professional camera, I do believe its possible to create a beautiful blog without a fancy expensive camera, however if its an investment you want to make then by all means go for it! I inherited my mums old SLR camera and I’ve been using it for the last couple weeks and loving it. The camera I use is a Sony A200 camera, although it’s only 10 mp, which is less than my phone, the quality of the photos are better overall because it picks up on the detail in a photo better and the lighting always looks nicer. 

Any recommendations on what I could add to my blogging toolkit? 

Xoxo LE


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