I’ve talked a lot about my skincare regimen over the last couple weeks. So I thought I’d go into some detail on what I’m using every morning to keep my skin clean ,clear and under control. The main objectives during morning skincare for me is to minimize oil and shine and to be gentle because my skin gets quite red which isn’t ideal if I’m applying makeup. 

To start I get out my Rio Sonic cleanse facial brush to cleanse my face, I normally always reach for a gel cleanser, this one from Clear and Clear has been my go to for almost a year now. It lathers really nicely, and does minimize shine. I really like a face wash that gets into my pores and gets all the dirt out. This does exactly that. 

Then I follow up by taking some of the No7 gentle toner to calm my skin and balance my skins PH. I really like this toner because it continues to get dirt off my skin but it doesn’t cause any redness like my clinique solution. As you can see I’ve used a lot of this but this has lasted me about 18 months already and I  still have loads left. Using a toner in the morning is really important because it makes my makeup stay longer. I find that by removing the excess oil ,my makeup lasts longer and applies smoother. Who doesn’t want that? 

Next it’s time to treat those pesky blemishes, I’ve spoken about this miracle product before. It’s the Clean and Clear Persa Gel 10, its essentially a benzoyl peroxide treatment that works by drying out the spot. You can normally only get benzoyl peroxide from your doctor in the UK but I picked this up when I was in America. *I would only recommend this if you’ve been prescribed this by a doctor in the past* However it works for me, so I just apply this to any blemishes and wait for it to completely dry.

 I don’t know about you but when I think of good skincare I expect it to give me glowing, velvety supermodel skin. This flash-balm from Elemis is perfect for doing just that, it leaves a slight tackiness to the skin that at first I didn’t like but I realized this texture is a dream to apply makeup to.  Makes my makeup appear so much smoother on my skin and it gives me that “lit from within” glow that, lets face it, we all want. 

I can’t stress enough the importance of looking after your skin and getting into a routine. Mine is relatively simple, Cleanse ,Tone ,Treat ,Moisturize. The  more regular you are with your routine the better your skin will react and the more consistency you’ll get with both texture and condition. Also it actually takes 6 weeks for a skincare product to start showing results and I know I’m guilty of changing up my routine more than I should. I’ve found a routine that works for me and I’m determined to stick to it. (fingers crossed) 

Stay tuned my evening skincare routine will be up in the next couple weeks! 

Xoxo LE



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