In the next couple weeks it’ll be my 2 year blogging anniversary! Crazy to think how this blog has grown and evolved, it’s been better than I ever imagined and I’m so thankful to those of you who have taken the time to read my little corner of the internet. I wanted to take a minute to reflect on some of the things I’ve learnt.

1. social media is your friend – I was very young when I first set up the blog and had no idea the impact social media would have, no wonder I used to get so discouraged by my page views! No one could find me before social media! The twitter chats especially really help to keep you included in the blogger community, and get your blog out there! Great way to share content.

2. You have to do it for yourself – I spent a couple months just writing what I thought people wanted to read and although my page views were great, I wasn’t. I felt really discouraged by the blog and in the end I took a break from the blog altogether. Now I’m back and feeling great about my content, it’s a mix of everything I love and that’s exactly what I wanted this place to be. There’s often no rhyme or reason to what I post, I post whatever comes to mind and whatever I feel like and personally I think that’s what blogging should be.

3. Quality over Quantity – This is something again I lost sight of when I was bulk posting earlier this year, as I fell out of love with what I was writing, my content went downhill very quickly! My photos were messy and my actual writing was full of mistakes. Now I’d much rather post once or twice a week with good quality posts that I’m proud to put my name on.

4. Stats are but a number – When I first started out I was obsessed with my page views, checking them sometimes twice an hour. Now I know that I get so much more satisfaction about blogging about things I love and the creation process more than I do the page-views. Obviously I love seeing all of you reading my posts but I’m not going to be negative if I have an off week. If you are creating content you love then the page-views will follow because people can tell if you’re genuinely writing about what you love versus posting for the sake of it.

5. Blogging shouldn’t cost a fortune – Blogging sometimes has the idea that to be successful you need to have a fancy camera and big studio lighting and truth is you don’t. At the moment I’m using my phone camera and some editing apps to give that studio brightness effect, and I think they look just as good as when I’ve used a professional camera.

So there you go, a couple things I’ve learnt after 2 years of blogging!

Xoxo TW 


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