If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I’m a bargain hunter when it comes to beauty. I like to get high quality products for an affordable price. However, I treated myself to a Glamour beauty box at Christmas and inside there was a mini sample size of the Vichy Idealia life serum. I didn’t think much of it and just threw it to the back of my beauty drawer, until last week. I was looking to try a serum and remembered I had this. Complete and utter game changer. 

Formulated for stressed and polluted skin, this serum adds moisture into the deep layers of skin tissue, creating long lasting moisturizing effects that over time improve the appearance of skin texture and tone. 

When I used this for the first couple times I saw and felt instant results, my skin loved it and drank up the product really quickly. What I was left with was fresh and velvety feeling skin that looked and felt really well moisturized. This effect lasted a couple days between uses. I always like to leave a couple days between application when trying out new skincare just so I can get the full picture of how my skin reacts to it. 

Overall I loved using this and I am going to be so sad when my sample runs out. I think I’m going to have to purchase the full size. The cheapest I’ve found it online is £20 from Feel Unique, which for a piece of high end skincare isn’t bad but it’s pricey in comparison to what I usually use. However I feel like if a 3ml has lasted me close to 3 weeks then a 30ml would last me a lot longer? (desperately trying to justify the purchase) It would be an investment into my skincare routine especially now that my acne is settling down (jinxing it I know) I feel like I can start to create a simpler routine. I’m trying to wean my skin off the harsh products I’ve been using for years to battle my problem skin.

 I’ve noticed a difference in my skin over the last couple months, because my acne is fading and but because I’m still using my same routine full of intense products (Clinique anti blemish clarifying lotion and clean and clear persa gel 10 .. to name but two) my skin is starting to feel very dehydrated and  my combination skin is definitely more  noticeable, to me anyway. This could be the product that pulls my skin back from the dark side. Fingers crossed. 

How do you feel about investing in high end skincare? 

Xoxo TW 



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