So last weekend I went to stay with my boyfriends family, although the 3 hour bus journey wasn’t welcomed seeing him made it worth it. For those of you living in the UK you’ll know it was glorious weather, we decided to take a walk through his town and let him show me some of the sights. It was too gorgeous not to take photos of so I thought it would make a nice post and it would be interesting for those of you not living in the UK. 

The town centre was gorgeous, felt like stepping back in time. Cobbled streets and old English pubs. 

Some of you might remember the Harry Potter scene in the Order of the Phoenix where Sirius’ House appears? Thats actually in the town where my boyfriend lives and it was filmed there too! Very cool. Sirius Blacks house real house! As you can tell I got far too excited about this.

There’s an old country house in the town center and it’s garden are open to the public, so we spent a good hour wandering and lying on the grass in the sunshine. Is there a finer way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

Such a great weekend, great weather and the most amazing company.

Xoxo TW 


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