From the author of the bestselling “shopaholic” series comes a new teen novel about pushing boundries and young love. I was recently sent this to review and as its one of  the teen fiction hottest releases how could I say no? 

Finding Audrey is written as a series of diary entries from the perspective of Audrey, a young teen trying to find a balance with the pressures of adolescent life. She’s quirky and straight away it’s clear she’s extremely intelligent and very perceptive of the world around her. 

As for the rest of the characters, it’s easy to identify with everyone, from Audrey’s family to her friends and even the people she describes around her. Everything seems very current and I found that comforting, I almost pictured her family as a scene from Outnumbered, for those of you familiar with it, with the chaotic mornings and suburban feel. The character I struggled to connect to was Linus. He’s a big part of Audrey’s journey but I found their relationship quite sudden. I wasn’t quite sure where it came from, I’d love to read this same book from his point of view. 

Audrey’s mother for me was brilliantly written, I loved the snippits of ordinary life captured through Audrey’s documentary and the script style we get as readers.

The storyline overall has a really natural flow, I managed to read this in a weekend and found it an enjoyable read because although it has quite an important and rarely written about topic, from a readers perspective it’s doesn’t feel staggered or forced. 

The only piece of criticism I have is the ending, personally I felt the ending was too abrupt, from all the build up and detail about Audrey’s struggle with social anxiety, I just felt that she got better too fast? and often it’s not that easy. Felt as though the story was summed up in the last couple pages. 

Overall, a great read for anyone looking to understand social anxiety better or just looking for a great read this summer. Although it’s described as teen fiction, I urge anyone to go out and give the book a go! So nice to see a fab writer like Sophie Kinsella reaching out to younger audiences, I’ll always be a big fan of hers and once you’ve read Finding Audrey you will be too. 

Xoxo TW 



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