Workout Wednesday – Summer Slimdown + fitness update

Now that my first year at university is over I’ve got a little more time on my hands and I’m ready to get back into my fitness routine. However this time I’m taking it a little further, since starting university I’ve gained some unwelcomed weight. This summer I’m determined to get into the best shape of my life and feel better about myself ready to return to university in September. 


I’m hoping this summer to lose 1 stone/14 pounds. I know over the course of 4 months that not necessarily a lot but I’m in no rush, I want to do this the healthy way. No crash diets and feeling hungry, this is important as I want this weight to stay off in the future I don’t want every summer to be about losing weight. 

It’s not just about the weight loss, for me it’s also about getting health benefits, I want more energy, I was to sleep better and feel stronger. All benefits that come with losing weight and getting healthier. 

I’ve been looking into different methods and pre-made plans to help me stay consistent and see results. There’s three different approaches I’ve been looking at. 

Kayla Itsines –

Kayla has created a workout plan that has been proven to work wonders on transforming women’s bodies. This intense workout is only intended to be done 3 times a week, but the results look amazing. This kind of high intensity workout would work well for my busy schedule. With the right diet of clean eating I can see myself getting results out of this. 

Slim Fast –

This brand specializes in meal replacement and snacks. They’re all formulated to give your all the nutrients you need and because they’re high in protein they keep you fuller for longer. Now that I’m back working in retail this summer, looking for lunch options that are better for me that are still easy to prepare. I’ll definitely be looking into the Slim Fast products, I’d love to try them out soon. 

Counting Macros –

I learnt about this through one of my new fave YouTubers , Marissa-lace. She lives a really healthy lifestyle and counts macros as part of that. The way it works is that through a long process of questions and measurements you can calculate the exact amount of fat/protein and carbs, that your body needs in order to maintain a good metabolism whilst still losing weight. The only issue with this method is that it works in grams and that can be hard to measure out at every meal. However with the My Fitness Pal app it measures it out for you and tells you how much you’ve had and how much of your allowance you have left. Personally this is the healthiest option of the programs I’m looking at but it does take a lot of self control and creativity in terms of meal ideas. 

So lots of things to be thinking about, but I’m ready to make some changes and hopefully see results! I’ll be doing weigh-in’s once a week to track my progress. 

What are your fitness goals? 

Xoxo TW 


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