Workout Wednesday – Body Pump Class Review

My uni gym hosts a really good range of classes with professional instructors, I’ve tried out a few of them so wanted to feature a review and my advice on the class. 

we heart it 

Class –

Body Pump 

Length –

1 hour ( get there at least 10 minutes early) 

Focus –

weight lifting 

What to wear –

i recommend tight fitting things that won’t get in the way when lifting. 

Bring –


Now before you all get scared off by the thought of weight lifting hear me out, I went to the class with no idea of what to expect and was told to get out bars and weights … I was also petrified. However by the end of the class I was a little less petrified and buzzing with adrenaline. 

When you get into the studio you’re asked to set up, for beginners I’d recommend getting x2 5kg, x2 7.50kg and x2 10kg. Then throughout the workout you’ll move up and down weights as you do different reps. I’d recommend telling your instructor that you’re a beginner and they will be sure to guide you through the class appropriately, although you know you’re own body and you should ultimately listen to that. 

The class works through squats, lunges, arms and back through a range of weights and exercises. The class is tough but if you push yourself through it the feeling is amazing. In my first class I was counting down the minutes till it was over, and I seriously ached the next day. However that didn’t stop me racing back. The soundtrack to the class is high tempo and really keeps you going.

The next day I felt really sore especially in my glutes and traps (butt,neck) but I recommend sticking with it. It’s a tough class but definitely worth it for the results. I saw a big change in my thighs over the 2/3 weeks I did this class. I did it twice a week for 2/3 weeks and it really did show pay off. Wish I’d kept this one up but I love introducing variety into my workouts. This class feels really long but if you focus and get into it the time does go faster.

I’m hoping to review some more gym classes. 

Xoxo TW 


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