Exam Season Beauty Essentials

It’s that time of year again. I know many of you are taking exams and I remember how stressful it was sitting A-levels and GCSE’s. So in light of that I’m bringing you my exam season beauty faves. The products that get me through and help me look presentable. 

Now the night before a big exam is most likely spent with your head in a book, not a bath. It’s understandable that washing your hair might not be as high up on the list of priorities. That’s where this comes in, wonder product and loved by many. Batiste dry shampoo is one of the most effective dry shampoos on the market and for the price the results are fantastic. no residue, no overwhelming smell just fresh and clean looking hair. It helps you get another day out of your wash and gives you back those all important minutes the morning of an exam. This is a scented spray that you put in the roots of your hair and it instructs you to brush it out, personally I find that if I spray into my roots then leave it to “soak up” the excess oil it works much better. This also adds a gorgeous amount of volume that lasts all day, overall it does transforms your hair and bad hair days be gone!

If you’re a foundation lover like me then the thought of going without any makeup is very scary, but who has time for a full face of makeup when all you can think about is protons and tectonic plates! So my answer to you is, BB. This BB cream from Garnier is your moisturizer and foundation all in one. I tend to top this with a powder and head out the door. Quick and simple way to cheat a good skin day without the time or hassel. It’s a thick cream texture that applies simular to a moisturizer. Once blended it evens out my skin tone and adds a small amount of coverage that looks natural but still put together. This also has an SPF which is great for your skin, this also smells like a really luxurious moisturizer. 

In addition to this, multi-use products are your friend think cheek/lip tints and a good bronzer . Something like this Bella-Pierre cream blush can also be used on lips to give a nice flush to your makeup look. Really natural and looks like you spent a lot of time on it. This is a peachy pink colour that would suit all skin tones. I just dab my finger in this and apply to the apples of my cheeks as well as my lips and it gives a really natural flush to the skin, very blendable too so no need to worry about looking like a rag doll. 

Lastly, one of my ultimate exam season essentials, is a bath bomb, or yummy bath product. Nothing feels relaxing quite like a hot bath, I love celebrating the end of exams or just the end of a week of exams by having a bath and feeling my troubles melting away. This is the Sutra bath bomb, I’ve never used it before but I’m excited too. Lush products are great because they’re all organic and fair trade and have traceable sources, so you can relax knowing that by supporting them you’re doing your bit. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Good Luck to all of you taking your exams at the minute I’m sending good vibes to you all. Comment below if you’d like more exam season related posts, I have lots of ideas! 

Xoxo TW 



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