Summer Lovin’

As of right now I have 1 week left of my first year of university! Absolutely crazy to think I’ve successfully been here for a year <3 I’ve loved my time in halls but this morning especially I’m dreaming of home comforts! Here’s some reasons why I can’t wait to start my summer! 

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1. Blogging!! – one of the things I’m most excited about is to have time to blog and to spend time working on this, my own little corner of the internet! Stay tuned I have so many exciting ideas I can’t wait to get started on! 

2. Coffee – seems silly but making mummy-workaholic  a cup of coffee at her desk when she’s working  and being able to chat with her all day <3 

3. Walkies with my puppies – taking my favourite fluffy friends out for a walk in the sunshine, they love and I love it too. Quality time with them is something I can’t wait for! 

4. Yummy food – my family are foodies and my parents always keep our fridge stocked with delicious food! That’s something I always look forward to when I go home. After being in halls for a year I never realized how much I appreciate having bread and milk available haha!! its the little things <3 

5. Spending time with lovelies – my sister and my parents especially because I miss them like crazy when I’m at uni but also seeing my gorgeous friends will be amazing, we keep in touch when I’m at uni but you can’t give hugs on text so it’s just not the same. Going to miss my boyfriend so much this summer but looking forward to having all my home favourites around. 

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