One of the most important things you can do for your skin is moisturize. Doesn’t matter what skin type you have moisturizer is absolutely essential. Obviously depending on your skin type there are different types of moisturizer that are made for you.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisture Cream

Over the years I’ve had various different samples of this wonder cream and never am I disappointed. It’s thick gel like consistency is a bright yellow in colour but don’t let that put you off because its magic. The smell is distinctive it smells luxurious and full of good active ingredients. This is a great moisturizer to use at night or during the day if you’re not wearing makeup, this doesn’t sink in that quick on me so I can’t wear makeup over it but the amount of moisture you get from this little gem is astounding. It’s a cult classic, ask your mothers, grandmothers and aunts they’ll all tell you the same.

My international/night cream pick –

Ponds Extra Dry Skin Cream

An accidental find, when I went to LA in 2013 I forgot any face cream so I went to the dollar section in Target and picked up this baby (or not so baby) sized pot. Fell in love instantly. My face was so soft and nourished in the heat that I knew it was a keeper. *spoiler alert* I just brought back a tub 10 times the size of this (no joke) from the USA when I went to Florida recently. It smells very clinical and a teeny bit old lady-ish but I promise you it’s like pumping your face full of moisture, overnight I’m plumped up and renewed. Again this is a night cream for me, I get oily during the day so most of my nourishment is done at night, and this is a pocket friendly way to do that for sure.

My anti-ageing pick –

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

On the complete other end of the spectrum we have this luxurious little beauty, I only have about a third of a tub because this was a hand me down from my mum when she was having a clear out. This is a very intense, but quite light moisturizer that is chocked full of collagen to plump up your skin. Now this is anti-ageing and quite a powerful source to be fair so I use this very sparingly as a treat to my skin, since I’m still young. However my mum uses this every night ,swears by it and since she’s started using it over the last couple years her skin is looking amazing, so it does what it says. A good example of you get what you pay for.

My budget pick –

Nivea Soft Cream 

My superstar from this whole edit, a bargain find in …(wait for it).. Poundland. Yep its only £1 a tube. Bargain by anyone’s standards. It’s super gentle on your skin, a reasonable dupe for the Ponds but I’d say its lighter on the skin. The smell again is lightly perfumed, and a little clinical, but its a staple in my skincare regime and I always keeps backups in my stash just in case I ever can’t find it. If you want velvet soft skin then this is for you, it’s sensitive on the skin so I’d recommend it to all skin types too.

My brightening/day time pick –

Elemis Pro Radiance Flash Balm

Take a little time hop back with me to my birthday in October, I received this little beauty in a skincare set from my parents. Little did I know that 12 hours (and a substantial amount of birthday shots) later this would become my saving face *cough* grace. This light balm moisturizes whilst giving a dewy but refreshed glow to the skin that isn’t oily or heavy. I save this for days when I feel I really need the boost, but what I boost!

I’ve dedicated a whole post to this wonder balm.  

So there we have it! A summary of my faveourite moisturizers. Any I’ve missed? Comment below or tweet me

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