So if you’ve been reading this week you’ll know it’s all about my recent trip to America and that means, Florida! Going to Disney is an ordeal, whether you’re taking small children of your own or going on an adults escape, getting the most out of your time at Disney is a tricky science but I’m here today to share my top tips for having an amazing trip. 

1. plan ahead 

 Another way to prepare for the day is to download the Disney world wait time apps, they have a constantly refreshing feed of wait times across all the parks, this saves a lot of walking back and forth across the parks to check on wait times, often when my mum would check the app and see that one of our favourite rides only had a 10 minute wait compared to the usual 50, meant we got to go on the ride an extra time, and meant that we got a lot of rides into our day! 

2. book fast pass’ 

When you book the tickets you get access to the Disney Fast Pass system, this allows you to book 3 fast pass’ per day and you can book these well in advance. Fast pass’ are an amazing way to make sure you get to do your faveourite rides, they cut the wait time down to a tiny fraction of what you’d wait in a stand by queue. However once the fast pass’ have been used for the day you can go back to a fast pass kiosk and book more one at a time. If you’re willing to do it this is a great way to cut down your wait times and have an amazing day! 

3. make the most of opening hours 

One of the biggest and best tips I can give you will be to utilize those opening hours, on some days the park closes as late as 1 am. The last parade or fireworks of the day is at 11:20pm so that gives you well over an hour and a half where the park is practically empty and an empty park means one thing .. empty queues and empty rides! My family and I had the best fun running around the park jumping on and off rides left right and center. We were able to do rides that normally have a much higher wait time, such as  meeting Anna and Elsa at the Fairy tale Hall, during the day you’ll wait over 2 hours to meet those princess’ however at midnight we waited barely half an hour, which was well worth it! If you can stay up till 1am (I wouldn’t suggest doing it with little ones) but its amazing! At closing time “when you wish upon a star” plays throughout the park and everyone is in amazing spirits! Even if it is the middle of the night, my family and I had the best time! 

So there’s my top tips 🙂

Stay tuned the last day of the holiday recap week is happening tomorrow!


Xoxo TW 


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