Workout Wednesday – healthy snacks

Recently I’ve been working on changing my eating habits, I tend to come home from school on an energy low and consume a very unhealthy amount of food, however now that I’ve started eating breakfast and lunch better I don’t need as much when I get home from school. Also by going cold turkey and making myself one healthy snack instead of pigging out it’s really put a stop to all my horrible cravings. 

So here’s my favourite healthy snacks 🙂

Apple sandwich 

This is super simple I cut an apple into slices and then spread some peanut butter in the middle to make little sandwiches. The peanut butter is really filling and means you’re fuller for longer. You can add raisins or chocolate chips if you want to but I normally don’t.


Another super yummy snack is just a bowl of cereal, you can have any you like but I tend to pick one that is low in sugars and high in fibre. This will mean that you get a slow release of energy instead of getting a sugar high that makes you crash later. My absolute faveourite cereal is the weetabix chocolate chip minis! They are seriously addictive. 


Something that you could also have for breakfast, I do this a lot, is yoghurt. I normally mix plain greek yoghurt , 1 chopped up banana and a drizzle of honey, it’s sweet and delicious!

Cup a soup 

Ok so this was my faveourite all through the winter, its the sainsburys” be good to yourself” chicken noodle soup in a cup! Sounds gross but they are so good! Really low in calorie and fat they warm you up and keep you going after school. 

The main goal is to keep it as low processed as possible and to have something with a high protein content so it keeps you fuller for longer. That way if I know I’m going to have one of these things I won’t want to consume everything in the cupboards and it means I’ll be focused on my after school work instead of food. 

Let me know if you try any of these? 

Xoxo TW 




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